Tanya Kahn

“The crowd applauds loudly and looks of awe pass between them as they bow low and part to allow Arthur through. Men offer their arms to assist his descent from the high table. He accepts their help nervously, with a trembling hand. As he reaches the bottom of the wooden steps he hesitates, wondering whether to bid the crowd adieu but not being able to think of a witty remark, he straightens his dress awkwardly before walking rapidly to the golden doors of the chamber.

Once the doors of the Great Hall close behind Arthur, the ladies begin to giggle behind their handkerchiefs and the lords smirk with contempt, whilst helping themselves to the dishes on his table, carelessly dropping morsels of food onto Arthur’s half-finished plate.”

The Rebellion

At the turn of the 13th century, England is in turmoil. Following the death of King Richard I, his brother John becomes his unlikely successor. The newly anointed King John wages a ruthless campaign against the church and English nobles, leading to catastrophe and the establishment of the Magna Carta.The Rebellion tells the story of the birth of civil rights in the United Kingdom and the framework for constitutions across the world.

Tanya is a science teacher living in Sheffield with her two young sons. She is passionate about improving literacy across schools and has a keen interest in history and historical fiction.