Sue is an Agent and Director at C&W Agency where she has been since 2005. She represents a broad range of novelists, including New York Times, Sunday Times and international bestselling and award-winning writers such as ML Stedman, Joanna Cannon, Daniel Cole, Jess Kidd, Miranda Cowley Heller, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Anne Griffin, Kim Sherwood, Joe Ide, Crystal Jeans and Jo Browning Wroe. 

As an agent, Sue has always sought to champion new writers from underrepresented backgrounds so she is excited to have the opportunity of working with unpublished Asian women writers.

When it comes to her list, Sue loves literary fiction, book group/women’s fiction, complex family dramas, vivid historical, and high-concept crime and thrillers. She is also keen to see magical realism, gothic and speculative fiction and is keen to see novels that blend genres, are unusual in setting or circumstance, have unexpected twists, a little darkness, pull at the heart-strings, and contain some sort of moral dilemma. Ultimately she’s looking for a striking voice and immersive storytelling that is packed full of character. 

Sue is available for consultation and submission assessment. On Twitter she can be found at @SusanW1F