Ryoko Hirose

“The lights from building windows and neon signs blinded the stars. Ginza’s main boulevard was so colorful at night, colorful in a way Japanese movies couldn’t yet capture. She felt trapped in one of those movies. Here Tokyo was, colorful and bright, and she was still living in black and white.”

Tokyo Technicolor

Ryoko is a Japanese American writer of character-driven historical fiction. Drawn to themes of family, identity, and belonging, she likes to explore how upbringing and culture shape the choices people make, and how those choices come to define us.

She has a master’s degree in international policy and uses her research skills to inform her writing and bring historical periods to life. Born and raised in New York City, Ryoko has also lived in Tokyo and Nagoya.

As an AWW mentee, Ryoko met with Allison Malecha for a submission assessment and is now represented by Amy Bishop.