Paramita Banerjee

‘We women and girls belong to the sky Noni, we can nest anywhere. And when we look up to the sky we are all home, you and me, in the same shelter, inseparable.’

We Belong to the Sky

Juthika and Nandita, mother and daughter, were born and raised in a system designed to keep them safe, happy and controlled. Provided they conformed, there would be nothing to worry about. They believed it. When Nandita is married off abruptly and taken away from her family, her mother believes it is the only way for her daughter to lead a dream life. 

We Belong to the Sky is the story of two women who fought their battles alongside the system not outside it. Was it because they lacked courage? Or was it because they could endure more than most? 

Born and raised in Calcutta, Paramita moved to London in her mid twenties. She is a musician and a producer. She produced a multi-award-winning Bengali language feature film Bridge. Paramita has also worked in finance and is currently training to be a secondary school English teacher.