Nasheema Lennon

“I momentarily fixate on his face, contorted as he yells my name. As he slams his fist on the window, I’m shaken back to reality. The mix of rain and tears blurring my eyes, I frantically wipe at them as I try to jam the keys into the ignition, pleading with my hands to stop shaking long enough to slide it into place. The sound of the engine turning roars through the deserted car park. Taking one last look at him, I floor the accelerator.”

The Engagement

The Engagement is a psychological thriller that begins when Victoria’s best friend Gwen announces she is marrying her boyfriend Michael. Celebrations are strained. There has always been something unreadable about Michael, that she doesn’t trust. The clock is ticking until the big day. Can Victoria expose Michael’s dark side and stop the wedding, before it’s too late? 

Nasheema is a writer of Mauritian heritage. She studied psychology and criminology at university before nine years working in the prison service, where she facilitated cognitive behavioural therapy programmes. This experience gave Nasheema insight into the thoughts and feelings behind criminal acts and how offenders rationalise their behaviour. She then changed paths to complete her PGCE, becoming a primary teacher. 

Nasheema’s AWW mentor was Daisy Watt, who is now her editor at HarperNorth. The Engagement went on to be shortlisted for the Own Voices Novel Award 2022.

The Engagement was published by HarperNorth in October 2022 and is available now.