Molly Crawford

Molly is a Commissioning Editor at Simon and Schuster UK specialising in romance, women’s fiction, book club and saga. Previously she worked at Transworld Publishers where she was involved in Penguin’s WriteNow scheme.

She’s looking for vibrant and voice-driven book club fiction as well as always being on the hunt for pitch-led and relatable women’s fiction. She loves stories that transport her, with memorable characters who go on big journeys – whether those be emotional or physical. She’s looking to acquire a sweeping love story told in a unique way, like The Versions of Us, or a character-led and emotional book club novel that teaches us something new about the human experience.

Her list includes #1 Sunday Times bestselling Colleen Hoover, The Spanish Love Deception by Tiktok sensation Elena Armas and the perennially mood-lifting Holly Hepburn. In 2023 she’s excited to be publishing two fantastic British journalists; Seven Exes from the hilarious Lucy Vine and, Preloved, the debut novel of enviably witty, Lauren Bravo.

She’s particularly keen to acquire books that reflect a diversity of experience – be that class, race or ability – and am actively looking for novels that explore the full complexity of human experience. Molly is available for consultation or submission assessment.