Linh Su

“The elite who painted their faces to look older had it all wrong. The faded lines on their foreheads, the fawn-colored lips, and the gray wigs were all inaccurate. They could never replicate the experiences that caused the deep crease in between their eyebrows or the lines curving around their mouths. No stroke of a pen or brush could replace the grace of age.”

Losna Boundless

A fantasy adventure set against a moonlit backdrop and lush, tropical beaches. A professor, warrior, and outcast traverse the open seas in search of eternal life. Hounded by nefarious soldiers, and hassled by their extreme hatred for each other, they must work together to find their prize or die trying. 

Linh was raised in Oakland, CA to Vietnamese parents. She spent a lot of her childhood daydreaming and a lot of her later years putting those dreams onto paper. During the day, she cares for her family and is a user experience designer dedicated to helping non-profits, small businesses, and advocacy groups. And at night, when she is unable to sleep, she writes.

Linh was mentored by Nadia Saward and is now represented by Maddy Belton at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency.