Krystella Swan

“Sandra and I stride through a flock of whispering and frowning night shamans and into the cobwebbed east wing toward her laboratory. She has told me these visions are the symptoms of the shadow ailment and the only way to stop them is through her experiments.

‘You will feel better,’ Sandra says as she makes me sit on a velvet seat. She plucks a syringe from her supplies, sparkling purple fluid sloshing in its chamber. When I flinch and lean harder against the chair, she holds me straight. ‘You want to feel better, don’t you?'”

Embers of the Eternal Eclipse

Krystella’s YA romantic fantasy novel brewed in the cauldron of beautiful Anatolian culture and Göktürk traditions explores the identity crisis of a seventeen-year-old biracial shaman and the shadow work she puts through in her journey to self-acceptance, true love, and freedom.

Born in Istanbul and based in Seoul, Krystella Swan is a polyglot author raised in a coastal town of many natural wonders that seeped into her atmospheric stories. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in British & American Literature with a focus on Creative Writing. It helps her cope with reality as she delights in reading and writing multicultural fantasy worlds that add magic to her daily life.