Hannah Strouth

Hannah joined the Jane Rotrosen Agency in 2019 after graduating from the Columbia Publishing Course. 

In fiction, she’s looking for a range of literary, upmarket, historical, and select rom-coms, and will always have a soft spot for speculative and magical realism. She’s eager to read nuanced and compelling work that digs deep into a wide range of emotions. She’s automatically drawn to stories that help her discover and explore new aspects about people, the way we (dis)connect, what haunts us (literally and metaphorically) and how we confront it, and stories of resiliency. Hannah holds a B.A. in English and Marketing from the College of William & Mary. 

She’s interested in reading the work of Asian women writers, because her goal in serving as an agent is to make sure there is and will always be space for writers from all marginalized backgrounds, specifically for the voices of women. 

She would be happy to offer a virtual consultation, submission assessment, or mentorship.