Hannah Scott-Ravikumar

“Here, they deposited their secrets at the door. It wasn’t resistance, not the kind Jindriska’s parents practised. Outside, everyone in this room participated in forging fake papers and passing messages. Underground, in this remnant of medieval Prague, they healed their souls. They reminded themselves that they were still teenagers, even if just for a few hours.”

The Bicycle on the Corner is inspired by the true story of Jindriska Novakova, a fourteen-year-old Czech girl who participated in the only successful assassination of a high-ranking Nazi during World War II.

Originally hailing from Iowa, Hannah is a mixed-race Indian writer currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a degree in English and History from Royal Holloway, University of London, where she became very interested in Eastern European history. She loves telling stories about little-known moments that changed history, as well as fantasy inspired by the tales she grew up hearing. Her stories have placed twice in the Midwest Writing Centre Iron Pen Contest.

Hannah currently works as a bookseller and lives with her grumpy nineteen-year-old cat.