Gracie Marsden

“Jiajia lifted the top of one the jar of fireflies in her hands, letting the little bugs crawl out and fly about in the room. Jiajia reached for the other jar. 
“Ugly little things, aren’t they?” Yu’er said, watching one climb up her sleeve.
“If you squint at them, yes,” Jiajia said. “Quite ugly. But they’re beautiful in other ways. That’s what being human and vulnerable is like. Quite ugly, but beautiful in its own way.”
They sat and watched the blinking fireflies until they had all flown out the window or crawled beneath the bedroom door.”

 Those With Bones of Jade

Gracie is a proud Taiwanese-American with a Master’s in teaching from Idaho State University. She loves to explore the complicated and often contradicting aspects of being human in her writing.

She’s published short stories in an anthology with Zimbell House Publishing as well as with Idaho State University’s creative journal, Black Rock and Sage. She’s an avid collector of very fat cats from the pet shelter, and enjoys spending her free time refining her plans for world domination. Yes, her plans involve the aforementioned very fat cats.