Faizah Haider

“Amid the military occupation, it was remarkable to see room for science: room for an institution like the Palestine Museum of Natural History to even exist amongst the chaos of everyday restrictions, fear of violence, death, and destruction. Then I asked myself, “why shouldn’t it exist?” Nature is all about survival of the fittest, and acquiring knowledge is a powerful form of non-violent resistance.”

Palestine State of Mind

Faizah Haider is a British-born Pakistani who completed postgraduate studies in biology at King’s College University of London before becoming a Clinical Project Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Listening to Hip Hop as a child she was fascinated by storytelling and began to write her own stories.

She has written print and online content for various businesses, websites, newspapers, and magazines with a keen focus on global affairs and human rights. Faizah is an advocate of genuine human connection and the infinite power of solidarity. Faizah is currently working on her debut book.