Divya Sehgal

“She had spent more years looking after her husband’s parents than she had her own. It made Tanya furious, and before she met Manek she had been terrified that it would be her fate too. So really, there was some good old perspective for her. Divorced, yes, but married on her terms. The stuff in between would be reckoned with at another time.”

Future Perfect

Future Perfect is about two women who find themselves making a life together after a series of failed relationships, the story seeks to explore sisterhood, female friendships, platonic partnerships, and what it means to place friendship at the centre of our lives.

Divya writes fiction in snatched pockets of time alongside her full-time job as a copywriter. Her short story, Filter Coffee, was published by 3 of Cups, an Indie press. She’s intrigued by the small, seemingly irrelevant incidents in people’s lives that can sometimes have the biggest impact. She’s currently working on her first novel.