Divya Kohli

“I stay standing on the stones.

I reach my arms out wide, as if trying to embrace the whole scene.

I turn my nose up to the sky, eyes tightly shut in the blaze of the rays, and a big smile erupts on my face.

In this moment I am not tethered to anything but the beach pebbles beneath my feet.”

No Big Deal

This is a memoir told through the story of a gentle summer break by the sea that leads to a middle-aged woman finding freedom from loss and the patriarchy.

Born in India, Divya grew up in the UK. She studied literature at Cambridge University and worked as a newspaper journalist in her 20s. Since 2006 she has taught yoga and meditation and sees her writing as a practice in mindfulness. She embraces philosophy and spirituality from both eastern and western traditions.

Divya is a lover of chill, writing and consciousness. She harbours an ongoing desire to escape her home city of London and live by the sea.