Daisy Watt

Daisy is a commissioning editor at HarperNorth, where she publishes gripping fiction by brilliant and award-winning writers from northern regions of the UK. Prior to HarperNorth she worked at the (then) indie
nonfiction publisher Jessica Kingsley, as a freelance fiction editor for Hachette, and as Jonathan Cape’s assistant editor.

She is excited to work with Asian women writers on honing their craft and bringing their vision to life on the page. Her editorial process focuses on open, creative conversations that help writers gain sharper clarity of what their writing goals are and a broader view of the different ways they can achieve their aims, before pinpointing the best solutions and techniques for them.

She is a suitable mentor for writers of most types of commercial and literary fiction (bar sci-fi, fantasy and saga) and narrative nonfiction (bar poetry). You can find her on Twitter @DaisyAWatt.

Daisy is available for mentoring, submission review or one-off consultation with writers at any stage of their career.