Clare Ramsaran

“The slim policeman walked over to them, his boots carelessly scuffing Eddie’s papers. He carried a book between his thumb and index finger and proffered it to Captain Hinds. Eddie looked at the book’s title and breathed a quiet sigh of relief. It was only the most capitalist book he owned. At least someone was on his side today; his jaw relaxed as he glanced at the crucifix on the wall.
“What are you smiling at, you think this is some sort of joke?” Captain Hinds’ voice was harsher than before, and his grip more forceful on Eddie’s arm.”

Kala Polari

Kala Polari follows Indo-Caribbean brothers who join other immigrants in 1950s London, in the pursuit of love and justice. It was long-listed for the 2022 SI Leeds Literary Prize.

Clare is a writer of Indo-Guyanese and Irish heritage, with a master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco.

She has worked in development and human rights education, for the Mayor of London and as a technology trainer in Silicon Valley and Manchester. Her creative writing has been published in Britain (Virago Press, Tangled Roots, Crocus Books) and the United States (Heyday).