Christine Wang

“Angie looked out the window, where Kodiak Harbor’s calm ripples trailed over the brackish seawater, a reflection of the overcast skies. A long, slender maroon fishtail appeared in the distance, unlike any she’d ever seen. It broke the water’s surface and disappeared almost as quickly as it had appeared.”


Oceansong is a fantasy romance about Taiwanese-American, Angie Song, who has returned to her Alaskan hometown to help her father at the docks. Fish begin disappearing and Angie discovers that mermaids are responsible. Her father declares war on them and when she falls for a mer-prince, her forbidden romance risks everything – including Angie’s family and the one she loves.

Oceansong is The Little Mermaid meets West Side Story, and explores themes of love, loss, betrayal, and family.

Christine is a first generation American and the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants. She is also a water baby at heart and a certified scuba diver and lifeguard, though she hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing any mermaids. Nowadays, she lives in NYC with her dog, Sunshine, and works as an aquatic physical therapist for military veterans.