Anu Kumar Lazarus

“There was a photo somewhere of the two of us siblings, Sanjoi and I, at the magnificent Acropolis gate.

High above the long, deep rolling hills. 

Standing over all of history.

Me, a chubby 11 year old in a yellow summer dress, shiny black plaits and ankle socks, shading my eyes from the sun and my  younger brother in a polo shirt and jeans, with his leg raised outstretched in front of him ,  caught mid marching a funny walk as we had just  seen the guards do. 

Both of us smiling with our mother’s smile, that was no doubt, behind the camera lens.

My third time in Athens.

An Ancient living city.”

The Blue Monkey

I work with transcultural themes, fiction and mythology. I am passionate about story telling and believe it can heal scars.My background as a writer is in theatre. I have trained in  dance.I often work with musicians.The Blue Monkey is my first novella.I am inspired by the East End of London and my work as a Hackney GP.Sketchy details of my work can be found here at my developing website: