Amy Arora

“Of course, Tamara had thought about her father over the years. She wondered where he was, what he looked like, what he did for work. She wondered how often he thought of her. Finding the photograph was proof that had loved her once, even though he had been missing for more than four decades. On the back of the photograph, he mother had scribbled: Rashid and Tamara, together in the park, 1951.”

Missingh People

Amy Arora is a British-Indian writer and teacher, born and raised in London. She loves telling stories. Her debut novel, Missingh People, explores what happens when we find the people who go missing from our lives.

It is a novel about memory and self-discovery, which is populated by people who just happen to be immigrants. It is told from three perspectives, and moves from England in 1993 to India in 1939 and everywhere in-between.