Aishwarya Jha-Mathur

“She was almost more beautiful as a widow than she had been as a bride. Almost as though it were she, and not he, who had substituted the scorching red of flesh and blood for celestial white.”

The Scent of Fallen Stars

This is a Gothic fable carved from jagged truths that explores the complexities of Indian families and the pendulous destinies of the women who are adored and the girls who are forsaken.

Aishwarya has traversed the realms of luxury fashion, beauty & wellness, entrepreneurship and creative design. Her passion for storytelling led her to theatre and short films, where she earned accolades as an actress, producer and director, but words have always possessed the deepest alchemy for her. Her work has appeared in international literary journals such as Atticus Review and her award-winning one-act plays have been performed in cities around the world.

Aishwarya was mentored by Molly Crawford and her novel will be published by Penguin Random House in India.