Abi Ramanan

“A new mural had been painted on the west-facing wall of the campus library. The paint, so fresh it still glistened, displayed a man with smooth dark brown skin and black dreadlocked hair shot through with grey playing the violin as tears rolled down his cheeks. His eyes were partially closed, and his expression was a mix of concentration and elation, unashamedly lost in his art, emotion streaming from every orifice. A lump grew in my throat as I paused to look at him, before driving home.”


Prophet is a speculative novel set in a near-future society where technological advances allow ordinary people to transfer their emotions onto a class of gig-workers called ‘STARS.’

Abi was born in South India, raised in the U.K and now lives in San Francisco. Her journalism and short stories have appeared in Vice, The New Statesman, The San Francisco Chronicle, JaggeryLit and Thawra magazine and her short story, The Orb, was shortlisted in an international literary fiction competition. 

As a social entrepreneur, she co-founded Papi’s Pickles, a food social enterprise and ImpactVision, a California-based machine learning startup tackling supply chain food waste, which was acquired in 2020. Today, she is a tech worker, active organizer and member of the San Francisco Writer’s Workshop. Abi was one of four winners in the 2022 Space to Write competition.